About us

What is a rage room?

Rage Rooms are a new form of entertainment. There are hundreds of rage rooms only in America and they are getting more well-known in europe as well. In a rage room, you can vent your rage by destroying objects in a room.

How many people are allowed in a room at once?

Because of safety protocol, maximum 2 people are allowed in the room at once in the proper safety gear.

What tools can we use?

There will be two of each weapon. 2 small hammer, 2 big hammer, 2 wooden baseball bat, 2 metal baseball bat, 2 crowbar and 2 iron tube. 

Can i watch my rage?

Yes, we will provide anything so that you can rewatch your whole rage.

What are the breakable items?

We will furnish the rooms, however you can ask for more items.. There are plates, glasses, keyboards, TVs, air conditioners, DVD players and more. We will put the best items in your room so you will have an amazing time in our rage room.