Small room

This room consists of:

min. 30 small items
min. 3 medium items
min. 1 large item

recommended for 1 person

Medium room

This room consists of: 

min. 55 small items
min. 5 medium items
min. 3 large items

Recommended for 1-2 people

Large room

This room consists of:

min. 75 small items
min. 7 medium items
min. 5 large items
+ gift

Recommended for 2 people

14 500 HUF

19 500 HUF

24 500 HUF

Small items: e.g. plates, glasses
Medium items: office tools e.g. keyboard, phone, monitor
Large items: e.g. TV, PC, printer

2 other rooms

Bring your own stuff

If you have broken items at home and you would like to smash them, bring them to your chosen room and destroy them under safe conditions, obviously for free! 

Custom Room

If you have a custom room on your mind, let us know!  Since we don’t know your custom room, we cannot give you a price in advance, only after the booking!